Redflix the provider of the red camera traffic lights have bribery charges and maintenance of its camera is questionable with yellow light timing in error and not calibrated.

Automated monitoring 24/7 using red camera traffic light is not protecting public safety as proven that 60 cities in California stopped using the red camera traffic lights and is deemed illegal and unconstitutional in other states.

In Millbrae, beware of intersections with these red camera traffic lights. San Mateo county is still using some of these red camera traffic lights.

Is it worth to pay monthly rental fees to Redflix in return for the amount of money generated as income for cities from the operation of these red camera traffic lights?

When turning to your right and you see these red camera traffic lights, be sure to stop since some courts will not pardon you and will still enforce the ticket of $589. Redwood city traffic court is also still issuing these amount of fines for this red camera traffic lights violation.

These red camera traffic lights are strategically placed only in rich neighborhoods.