Do you mean Muslim refugees generally?

Here’s 5 reasons for starters:
1. Refugees undermine ISIS recruitment.
2. Accepting refugees deprives ISIS of resources.
3. Refugees counter ISIS propaganda about western countries.
4. Accepting refugees undermines ISIS’s strategy.
5. Accepting refugees provides the U.S. with valuable intelligence against ISIS.

Also for refugees in general:
In the long term since they are generally young and healthy once they integrate into the workforce they boost GDP, they’re less of a strain on the health system and they reduce the cost of state pensions.

1) There already is intensive vetting

2) There Have Been No Fatal Terror Attacks In The U.S. By Immigrants From The 7 Banned Muslim Countries
3) Most perpetrators of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, why isn’t Saudi Arabia on the list? Why isn’t Nigeria, home base of ISIS-branch Boko Haram on the list?
Christians in Muslim countries:

21.7 million in Indonesia (8.7% of the population)
2.8 million in Malaysia (9.1%)
900,000 in Albania (30%),
192,000 in Qatar (8.5%)
9.4 million Christians in Egypt (10%),
124,000 in Bahrain (9%)

By comparison Muslims in the West:

2.9 million in Germany (3.7% of the population)
2.9 million in the US (0.9% of the population)

UN report of Israel assisting ISIS / Daesh :

Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and the Gulf States currently host 7 to 8 million Syrian refugees

Compared with less than 1 million in all 28 members of the EU together.

You can verify the above in:

– Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon
– Gulf States
– EU

utter garbage with no evidence , hence no one takes your statements serious …

Let us demonstrate the weakness in your argument thereby revealing the lies :

1. when apartheid Israel kills palestinian children and civilians on a daily basis and illegally evicts them from their own homes and land for 75 years as it is well documented in UN reports and human rights groups do you believe and accept that Israel represents Jews and judaism when Israel commits this violence ?
2. Do you accept and believe that when Hitler murdered Jews and he had the support of the church and that Hitler represents christians and christianity ?
therefore you are wrong , inaccurate and lying when you claim that muslims kill in the name of Islam
By the way this lesson in logic and rhetoric is free and hopefully you can apply it in your life and learn something useful for a change.

Five  of the  WEALTHIEST  MUSLIM  COUNTRIES, listed below, have taken NO Syrian  refugees in at all,  arguing  that doing so would open them up to the “RISK  OF TERRORISM.”
1. Kuwait

2. Bahrain

3. Qatar

4. SaudiArabia

5.  United Arab Emirates
Although the oil rich countries have handed over aid money, Britain has donated more  than Saudi Arabia,  the  United Arab Emirates   and   Qatar  combined’./

Revealed: How the five wealthiest Gulf Nations have so far refused to take a single Syrian refugee/

Four million Syrians have fled, most live in Middle Eastern refugee camps More than 30,000 have risked their lives to reach European shores in 2015.
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain have resettled ‘zero’ refugees Amnesty International described their inaction in the crisis as ‘shameful’As debate rages between politicians in Europe over how many they should take, nearby super-wealthy Gulf nations of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain have refused to offer sanctuary to a single Syrian refugee.

Amnesty International’s Head of Refugee and Migrants’ Rights, Sherif Elsayid-Ali, described their inaction as ‘shameful’.

He said: ‘The records of Gulf countries is absolutely appalling, in terms of actually showing compassion and sharing the responsibility of this crisis… It is a disgrace.’


Exodus: Wealthy gulf nations Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain have not offered to house a single one of four million Syrian refugees . to have fled the war-torn country

A political cartoon pointed fingers at the Gulf nations for their inaction, with a caption which read: ‘Refugees welcomed by: Saudi: 0, Kuwait: 0, Qatar: 0, Emirates: 0, Bahrain: 0’

None have been allowed to enter the (relatively) nearby Gulf nations, who all rank in the world’s top 50 GDPs and have a combined military budget of more than £65 billion, according to Arab expert Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi.

He said: ‘The Gulf must realise that now is the time to change their policy regarding accepting refugees from the Syria crisis. It is the moral, ethical and responsible step to take.’


None of the Gulf countries signed the 1951 Refugee Convention which defines a refugee ‘outside the country of his nationality’ because of ‘fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality’.

Syrians can still apply for ‘costly’ tourist visas and work permits to enter wealthier Gulf nations but they are rarely granted, according to the BBC.  (The Daily Mail)

“Arab  Monarchies Turn Down Syrian  Refugees Over  Security Threat:”


“As Europe struggles with a massive refugee influx,  Arab Gulf  states have come under scrutiny for taking in few refugees.Don’t expect the  oil-rich monarchies to change their course anytime soon,experts told DW


The oil-rich Arab Gulf states have high per capita incomes,need labor and share a common language and culture with Syrians, making them in  the eyes of many an ideal location for refugees fleeing conflict  in Syria.


Yet the Gulf  States have taken in  only a  few hundred refugees,  according to  data from UNHCR.”(DW)


“Arabs  shame  ‘Rich Gulf States’ over Refugee  Crisis.” .


“For (those) fleeing war in Syria, the doors are closed to  the Gulf states, despite the latters’ declared concern over the plight of  refugees.


Syrians must have a visa and passport to enter the Gulf monarchies.


Metin Corabatir, who served for 18 years as the spokesperson of the UNHCR and is currently the president of the Research Center on Asylum and Migration in Ankara said: “All countries, including rich Gulf countries, should take in refugees.”


Led by the Saudis and Qatar, the Gulf states push the line that the refugee crisis is the outcome of Western inaction and the Syrian  regime’s brutality, even as they throw billions of dollars in supplies and  weaponry into the Syrian jihadist cauldron to oust Assad atall costs.


“The Saudis have invested in the Syrian war; now they  must invest in refugees,” Ali al-Ahmed, a Saudi scholar at the Institute  for Gulf Affairs (IGA), told DW.


By the estimates of IGA, given factors of space,demographics and wealth,  “The  Gulf  States could take in 3  million  Refugees, ”, Ali al Ahmed added.


More than 15 million foreign workers – largely from the  Indian subcontinent – live and work in the labor-hungry Gulf kingdoms. Locals  are a minority in Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait, while in  Saudi Arabia and Oman  foreigners make up about a quarter of the population. (DW English version)


The  Gulf  States Have Been Widely Criticized  Over  Their Treatment Of Migrant Workers:


The kingdoms’ need for labor presents a potentially win-win situation for both Syrians and the Gulf states.


However,  the  Monarchies prefer to “Bring  in Labour from Asia  than from other Arab States, due to the perceived  THREAT  TO SECURITY  and the status quo,  especially in the wake of the Arab Spring.”


Despite  the  fact that  the Gulf States could  take  in refugees – THEY WILL NOT”,  Corabatri  said. . “In reality, if  you look at political structure and  demographics of the countries, they will never take in a million  refugees,” he said.


Al-Ahmed also confirmed that Syrians were thought by the conservative Gulf monarchies to pose a cultural and political risk.


“THE SAUDIS WORRY THAT SYRIANS  ARE A  SECURITY .” he  said. “They have ideas of revolution.(DW Deutsche Weil) .


Fake news, Jerry. It’s been thoroughly debunked.
1) Refugees in Gulfstates:
“There are 2 million to 3 million Syrians in the Gulf countries, many of whom arrived since the war began, but they are not considered refugees and they are not part of the UNHCR statistics. They are classified as “Arab brothers and sisters in distress” instead of refugees covered by UN treaties.”
2) Donations for Syrian refugees
“Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are in the Top 10 countries giving aid to Syrian refugees. The four Gulf states have already given more than $2.3 billion – more than Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, France and Italy combined.”
3) Overall humanitarian aid
Tthis is the list of the most generous humanitarian aid donors of 2015 compared to their national wealth, i.e. in terms of their Gross National Income.
1. Kuwait (18.4%)
2. Sweden (10.3%)
3. Denmark (9.6%)
4. Luxembourg (9.5%)
5. Norway (8.9%)
6. United Arab Emirates (7.7%)
7. Switzerland (6.7%)
8. Saudi Arabia (6.4%)
9. Netherlands (6.1%)
10. United Kingdom (5.3 %)