A wearable tracks vital signs and earns you money

Dear Doctors and Health Consumers,

We work with Wor(l)d Global Network to bring the revolutionary HELO wearable health band to markets worldwide. Our HELO is unique as the only device that provides several functions through one wearable including: blood pressure, heart rate and ECG analysis, respiratory rate, energy level, sleep patterns, activity and distance, all trended and sharable. This year we will introduce non-invasive blood sugar or glucose (the game changer in diabetes management). The data is sharable, has alerts, and there is an SOS/panic button that transmits GPS location.

This one-of-a-kind device will change healthcare, self-care, wellness, elder care and home care! It helps people monitor and improve their health, and the best part is that we will help you increase profits with a new revenue stream! It can be implemented on a patient-by-patient basis and on a large-scale or system level.

We are looking for people like you to help Make Lives Great. We will help you use the HELO in your practice and in your consults with other practices, to benefit in wellness and finances.

Happy New Year! To All my visitors.
I am excited to share this wearable business to you all first.
Open for more options?
Wearables, backed by Toshiba, just in the US for last 3months!
Compensation Plan”
Please email me your info, time to chat and questions at motherhealth@gmail.com

Couple we are part of makes 6 figures in first month.

Hope to hear from you all. Your goals will put this wearable in all places in the world.
To join:
And inviting you all today for a webinar with our newest President Executives Seville and Rachaell KO will be lighting it up!
Connie Dello Buono
1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124


  1. Feb 1 for business builders, income generation with your own wearable store and team:

    Seville Ko 5:09am Feb 1
    We have the game plan from Romacio for each of you to hit your next Rank.
    We’re getting back to the fundamentals by loading up the webinars this week and promoting them hard. All the top leaders will be presenting including us so they will all be fire!
    We will also be Launching new people twice daily to drive this deep!

    Today’s schedule February 1st :

    3 wor(l)d Overview Webinars:

    Big team room zoom Meeting ID: 557 557 0000

    12:00pm pst 2:00pm cst 3:00 est

    6:30pm pst 8:30pm cst 9:30pm

    📣Presidents 👔🏛 📣Seville and Rachaell’s Room meeting ID: 458 860 8208

    5:00pm pst 7:00pm cst 8:00pm est


    – how to launch
    – systems 2-7-30 and marketing site
    – 10 to win

    Two times today:

    10:00am pst 12:00pm cst 1:00pm est

    7:30pm pst 9:30pm cst 10:30pm est

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