Risk: Chronic inflammation

This is now considered to be a major cause of many serious diseases of aging, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduce: Have your doctor check your homocysteine or C-reactive protein levels. If they are high, get an anti-inflammatory diet (low glycemic, high fiber, rich in omega-3s and nutrients such as fish oil, curcumin and vitamin D3.

Risk: Estrogen or testosterone deficiency

Reduce: Get your blood tested to check for hormonal deficiencies and then use natural strategies to boost these hormones. Engage in regular brain-healthy habits that will help boost both estrogen and testosterone naturally, especially:

  • stress management since the stress hormone cortisol steals the building blocks for estrogen and testosterone
  • decreasing sugar, which raises insulin levels and decreases sex hormones production
  • getting adequate sleep
  • getting adequate amounts of vitamin D3 (sunshine) and zinc (seafoods,dark meat,nuts)
  • strength and interval training, losing your belly (belly fat turns healthy testosterone into unhealthy forms of estrogen)