Monitor oxygen level, heart beat, blood sugar and more with a wearable from Worldgn. We are looking for global marketers working from home. We provide the web site and training.

Email  to get a health screen with a wearable. Health screen includes Exome Whole DNA sequence ($500), blood panel for men/women ($400) , gut microbiome DNA sequence test ($100), health coaching and personalized diet plan ($400), genetic counselor ($100) and a wearable ($320) to monitor vitals such as oxygen, heart beat, blood sugar and more.

This is less than $2k and cheaper than the $25k that another site offers with MRI brain scan included, all others are the same. Be proactive with your health and save more in the long run.

Refer your friends and get 10% for each wearable sales, globally. Join the wearable global marketing time remotely at