Yes, finding love is a numbers game in this day and age where we find the profile of our match via a dating site.

I have scheduled many dates for tea or green juice at Whole Foods Store close to where I live in the bay area. Many times, the men will not buy you a drink. And you realized that there is not much interesting about the conversation that you wanted to bail out but stayed for a little longer to make friends. Some of them became my friends but not partner in love.  I heard so many stories how they broke up with their exes, adore their children, spend their weekends, and other stories from their heart.

You tried to ask questions to know the person better that maybe the outside appearance which is not going to highlight the fine qualities of the man.

I always tell my single friends to ask 3 questions that are most important to them and when they like the answer that maybe they are in front of their soul mate.

Many divorced men had promised to themselves never to marry again for financial reasons since they lost half of their 401k to their ex-wives in California. California law states that all properties must be equally divided.

Did I find my soul mate yet? Not yet.

But I am always hopeful and will persevere even if the odds are against my favor. For at the end, each one of us has a partner waiting to be loved.


There is a reason we are meant to make friends

To dance away the night for the music that stirs our hearts

To play tennis or game of hide and seek

To watch a movie that makes both of us laugh, cry and be happy

To embrace another human as hugs are therapeutic and so important for women

To hear a man’s voice as we put ourselves to sleep

To feel the warmth of the sun during the many days of walking in nature with another human being

To have someone to chat with during weekend lunch and dinner

And most of all to hold hands and to melt as he looks at me with his charismatic eyes.

Tips for online dating: Meet in person and do not over text for first intro. Some who uses the word Dear or do not meet you in person are Fakes. Beware of long texts. The man who loves you brings you valuable gifts..from the book 5 Stages of Love.


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