My answer to If my fathere and grandmother has alzheimes will I have it?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

I do not have the exact percentage. I am guessing 10% as the recent breast cancer gene only account for 10% chance.

The environment is around 90%: whole foods, stress level,sleep,exercise,brain trauma,lack of sunshine,drugs/meds,toxins (metals,fumes,others)

See Senior care and Disease Prediction , my blog and search for Alzheimer and genes. There are ways to slow it down from exercise to whole foods. When the nervous system is weak, the immune system is weak and the gut flora is not balanced and healthy. There was a study that the microbiome in our intestines determines our mental health. I am guessing that the bugs when they travel to our brain create a tear in our membranes.

But in my midwifery training and recent gene studies, our reproductive health is affected by the diet of our grandma and mother.

And that men have equal chances of inheriting health issues from both parents compared to women because of our chromosomes.

Remember though that Alzheimer is the normal course of aging and that others who have it still reached the age of 100.

If my fathere and grandmother has alzheimes will I have it?