Recently, Donald Trump signed executive orders designed to boost “law and order” in the nation. 200 police chiefs from around the country called these orders are idiotic and wasteful.

These chiefs are members of a group named Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Incarceration. These veteran officers claim that Trump’s recent police orders will be a “waste of federal resources and make communities more dangerous.”

These days, it seems like everyone is standing up to Trump. But it definitely helps to have police chiefs on our side, since Trump thinks every soldier and police officer voted for him.


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To get their point across to the Orange Tyrant, the chiefs in question drafted up a 28-page agenda on how Trump can really fix America. They’re saying that it’s time to drain our overcrowded prisons and give increased support to our nation’s inmates.

“We must instead consider those policies that better preserve public safety,” their agenda reads. “Dangerous, violent offenders should be behind bars, but incarceration is not necessarily the best tool to put non-violent offenders back on the road to productive, law-abiding lives.”

The police chief of Los Angeles has already said he’s going to refuse to comply with Trump’s immigration policies. It’s great to see people in authority standing up for what is right.

Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Incarceration believes that law enforcement agencies “too often rely only on jail and prison, [which] are simply ineffective in preserving public safety.” Now more than ever, America needs robust rehabilitation services.
With Jeff Sessions as Trump’s attorney general, we are likely going to continue to see our prisons fatten. More prisoners will make Trump’s base happy, as they falsely believe America is currently suffering from a criminal invasion.

How about this novel idea, Trump? Start being a law and order president by rooting out the criminals and corruption in your own administration.