My answer to How can I have a painless natural childbirth?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

I have two homebirths in San Jose California with nurse midwives, were educated and read about homebirths and what to do and to keep the body healthy from exercise, whole foods and avoidance of toxins.

So, mentally you have to prepare that when the body is healthy, with regular prenatals and that there is no bad signs from urine, blood and other health vitals and the midwife says you can deliver at home, then you can have a natural childbirth.

During labor, focus on something other than the pain. Use gravity, stay on hands and knees, moan and a warm compress in the perineum helps.

And many more..Senior care and Disease Prediction search for childbirth

How can I have a painless natural childbirth?