In next two week Trump Disapproval rating is 98%

Next Week Trump Disapproval rating is 83%

This Week Trump Disapproval rating is 68%


Last Week Trump Disapproval rating is 53%32


Townhalls are packed with angry voters and Americans who wanted to impeach and investigate Trump, his administration and to include some senators such as Comey, Ryan and McConnell.

It is forecasted that half of American cities will file an impeachment to the Republican enablers and Trump and his administration. Two cities have filed already to this date.

To find some cues to Trump’s conflict of interests, follow the builders of oil pipeline, builders of the wall, builders of detention and prison centers and oil and more.

Follow the Russian officials denouncing Trump.

And many other cues posted by some press who defend American democracy,  from New York Times, Washington Posts, Reuters and BBC.