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Sample questions

Do I contact a caregiving agency or hire my own caregiver directly from or other sites?

Caregiving agency qualifies the caregiver best suited for the health care needs of your senior while hiring caregivers directly will add a major task for you to monitor the caregiver and find a replacement when needed.  When you find a caregiver from an agency, the agency monitors and takes care of the caregiver’s pay, scheduling and performance monitoring.

After selecting a caregiving agency or caregiver, share the health needs and doctor assessment of your senior so that they can tailor their services to meet your senior health care needs (food choices, medication management, exercise needs, sleeping needs, prevention of bed sores, others).

Caregiving services include assistance in daily living, cooking, medication management, and light housekeeping.

When you want to hire the caregiver directly whom you met from an agency after a few months , you have to pay the agency an upfront costs of hiring the caregiver directly from $5000 or more depending on the contract you signed with them.

Do I need to prepare a med schedule and other needs of my senior? Yes, you then include this medication management and other caregiving needs to the agency/caregiver and ensure that you are monitoring your senior and getting feedback from the caregiver on  daily or regular basis.

Ensure that your senior have a living will and health care directive.

Ensure that you have senior safe your house with grab bars, night light and other ways to prevent falls ( house temperature, ventilation, others) and other emergencies.

Some handy tools are medicine crushers or mortar and pestle to grind the medicines, sipping caps, comfortable cotton pants and clothes, bibs, music, exercise balls and mats, diaper cream – vaseline/Desitin, blue chucks to protect mattress, gloves, wipes, emergency first aid/suppositories, blood pressure measurement, glucose meter, thermometer, wearable such as Worldgn ( search this site on how to order this wearable to mearsure many health vitals and more features than FitBit and Apple watch ) , massage oils, cold/ hot compress, blender and many other tools/gadgets.

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