Swiping the face, age, location or other features close to your criteria will not yield the right match or may take some time since meeting in person is the first step to learn about each other.  Detailed texting without meeting first is the norm in the internet dating sites but not a reliable way to find a partner. One must use the internet dating site to be invited for an in person first date.  Whether the man or woman ask for the first date, the first meeting is the deciding factor for a second date.

Like internet dating sites: match.com , bumble , pof , okcupid

Tips for women/men:

  • Ask to meet in public for first date and then decide if you want a second date based on first impression or answers to your questions close to your heart or criteria for a partner.
  • Know that the profile is not an accurate representation of the person.
  • Find a romantic place with music, good food and ambiance.
  • Praise your date , find a way to put him/her to laugh and be at ease.
  • When you do not like your date, shorten the conversation and just make friends. Do not use negative words.
  • One sample criteria from a single 25 yr old woman: works hard – good job, same religion and good kisser

In the internet dating site, most men opt for the easy way to get laid but not to select the woman they want to be with for a long term relationship.  They opt for texting than making a call. They opt for direct to bed meeting than to a romantic place, no more wine and dine. Some men do not dress well to impress. And some men would not buy a drink for a woman. And some will ask right away if there is chemistry and will leave within 5 min if there is no chemistry.

Still many men and women find the time to know each other and to court the person they think will be a great partner long term.

Here is an ebook that details the five love language.

From the ebook of by GaryD.Chapman , Five Love Languages

Love Language

#1:Wordsof Affirmation

#2:Quality Time

#3:Receiving Gifts

#4:Acts of Service

#5:Physical Touch