Caregivers at Motherhealth provide non-medical care and we recommend a smart watch, a Worldgn wearable ( $320 )  to monitor important health vitals for seniors we care at home. Together, you, the caregiver and the doctor can see real time health vitals important in preventing emergencies.

Caregivers are trained to massage, manage medication, provide assistance in daily living, cook healthy foods, be a companion, driver and help with light housekeeping.

Fee varies from $18 per hr to $250 for 24 hr period. Live-in caregiving is preferred as most of our caregivers prefer this schedule.

Email or text 408-854-1883 for bay area caregivers and a wearable to help monitor your seniors at home.


Home-based global marketers  for the Wearable Worldgn product and bay area caregivers are needed.