My answer to Ho do I control heavy menstrual bleeding naturally?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

Over 40 and with heavy menstrual bleeding, check out Senior care and Disease Prediction

An imbalance in estrogen ( there is an excess of these, thickening the uterine lining) and prosgesterone hormones occurred.

I took these supplements on the 3rd day of heavy menstrual bleeding with soft boiled eggs, lemon water and Vit C:

1. Cell Saver for supporting detox.

2. Agrimonia herb found here:… . This herb has been used traditionally in TCM to support anyone with excessive bleeding.

3. Healthy Prostate & Ovary found… to support a balancing of the hormones.

Ho do I control heavy menstrual bleeding naturally?


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Connie B. Dellobuono
Connie B. Dellobuono, Health author and blogger at , student of nurse midwifery

More estrogen than progesterone happens after menopause. A balance is needed. Do a liver and kidney detox first by killing parasites and other infectious organisms. Talk to a naturopathic doctor. Dr Mercola wrote:
I recommend a detoxification program for women with endometriosis
that includes:
•A high fiber diet
• Onions and garlic to help chelate toxins from the body
• Exercise
•Sauna therapy Epsom salt baths and hydrotherapy
• Liver support with milk thistle (up to 240 mg. daily, in divided doses) and other safe herbs in liver support formulas
• Eliminating elements of stress that can cause adrenal fatigue and toxic stress levels
Endometriosis also often responds to treatment with other supplements, including:
• Black cohosh (40 to 80 mg. daily) to help relieve painful menstruation
• Calcium and magnesium (up to 1,500 mg. of calcium and up to 900 mg of magnesium in divided doses) to help the liver more efficiently metabolize hormonesand to prevent spasms and tension in muscles and nerves
•Vitamin B complex with extra panthothenic acid to support the adrenal glands.
• Iron (up to 60 mg. daily in divided doses, if necessary) to help relieve iron deficiency that may result from excessive bleeding. (use a brand that chelated and/or combined with iron-rich herbs)
• Endometriosis is one of those diseases that has many “hitchhikers,” or other conditions that often accompany it.
The Endometriosis Association says it is now becoming apparent that women with endometriosis are more apt to be troubled by:
•Chemical sensitivities
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Asthma and eczema
• Infections
• Food intolerances
• Mitral valve prolapse
• Fibromyalgia
• Autoimmune disorders, including lupus and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
Interestingly, many of these accompanying conditions are associated with candida yeast overgrowth, an area of particular interest to me.
The Endometriosis Association agrees that many women with endometriosis also suffer from allergies, chemical sensitivities, and frequent yeast infections.