Supercharge means that every cell in our body function well even when bombarded with environmental toxins, stress and lifestyle changes.

We need constancy in our lifestyle to balance the external forces that weakens our cells.

Knowing your baseline health with health screens is important. Email Connie at to avail of $2k health screen which include Exome DNA sequence test ( $550 ), Gut microbiome DNA test ( $100) , whole blood panel test ( $500), personalize health coaching and a wearable ($320) to help monitor your health vitals real-time.

Finding support system from gym coach, doctor, physical therapist, caregiver and health coach is also important. Email Connie to partner up to have this site have this feature including health screens and a platform to find ready answers for health and wellness.

When you have a personalized health coach, you can tailor fit your diet, exercise, sleep, stress and dietary supplementation based on your body ( including genes, family history, lab results, daily health vital monitor) and lifestyle. Email Connie to be your personalize health coach.

Remember to breath thru your nose, spend 30 min exercise daily with sun exposure, get adequate sleep, eat whole foods and manage your stress.

Search this site for foods , diet and other health data that will help you choose the right options and choices when it comes to your health and your body to function at the optimum level.

Genes may influence your cell 10-20% of the time, your choices and environment will have a greater impact on how you age.

In the future, we are working with a Stanford researcher who owns a patent to detect the molecular age of the person using an RNA sequence test. Hint: Reduce your sugar intake to age well.