Our Revolution


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from an ongoing investigation into the Trump Administration’s ties with Russia after lying under oath about his communications with senior Russian officials.

We need a Justice Department that will give the American people the facts about Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign. There will be no justice for Americans at the Department of Justice with an Attorney General who is so willing to lie. Recusing himself is not enough. Jeff Sessions must resign.

Sign our petition demanding Attorney General Jeff Sessions step down and calling on Congress to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s troubling ties to Russia.

This scandal is yet another example of the Trump Administration’s failure to fight for the American people. We are tired of being sold out to special interests. It’s time for Congress to appoint an independent voice who will investigate the depth of the administration’s ties to Russia and the hackers who attempted to undermine our election system.

If you agree that Jeff Sessions must resign as Attorney General, sign our petition today.

Our system is broken. Trump claims he is making America great again, but in his America, things are only great if you’re already at the top. We need a country that has opportunity for everyone, led by leaders with integrity who will fight for us. Join us in demanding a political system that represents us.

In solidarity,

Shannon Jackson
Executive Director
Our Revolution