Dalai Lama: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


Published on Mar 5, 2017

Tibetan Buddhists have suffered deep persecution by the Chinese government. John Oliver sits down with the Dalai Lama to discuss China, the conditions in Tibet, and horse milk.


Actually most Chinese young people are educated in a very systematic way and the government’s propaganda is almost everywhere, from the internet to the streets so it’s easy to imagine how harshly this video might get denounced by Chinese netizens. The most ironic part of Chinese educational system is that although the officials have claimed that schools should be less influenced by western thoughts, the whole structure of this nationalism, this ideology is indeed completely from old European philosophy and politics. Facts that there are crazy patriots who believe in absolute sovereignty and national interests in every country are undeniable, while this group in China is just so large, furious and exclusive, severely damaging other critical thoughts and advice that aims to improve the country’s relatively bad( getting worse) human rights situations. Chinese government almost view every potential protester( personal or organised) as a great scourge and do everything to keep stability and they succeed in cultivating the next generation into the way they want them to be—simply judging before any critical thinking.

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