Please Call Your Rep!

Nancy Huehnergarth

Chappaqua, NY

MAR 7, 2017 — The House of Representatives is voting on a measure this evening that would compel President Trump to release his tax returns.

From Common Cause:

“For 40 years, every major party nominee for president has released their tax returns. Until Donald Trump. Congress has the power to make Trump release his tax returns — and if he doesn’t come clean with the American people, our elected representatives must force him to.

This evening, the House will vote to consider a resolution to do just that — the Presidential Tax Transparency Act of 2017. Can you call your Representative to demand their support?”

Please take a moment and call your Representative this afternoon. To call your Rep, dial the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. If you push 0, an operator can tell you the name of your Representative and can connect you.

Ask him or her to vote in favor of the Presidential Transparency Act of 2017. The American public deserves to know if their president has compromising financial ties with Russia or any other foreign nation.