His girlfriend of 1.5 years is very cold or unemotional to him that each time after spending a day in bliss together, she will not answer or respond to his texts/phone calls for a day, a week or more (10 days). She never calls after their quality time or date together.

She is unattached the next day or many days after spending quality time with him. They spend a blissful day during their dates but the next day or weeks she does not talk to him. She would tell him that you are too dramatic if he is too emotional.

He never heard her say I like you or I love you to him.  She would always be late for their date for many hours.

Connie’s advice: Empathy is a loving gesture and a trait of a normal person in love or who cares about another person. Most women wanted to hear the voice of their lover daily since it help balance  their hormones. Most women are always waiting and dreaming in anticipation of their dates or quality time schedule with their partner or lover.  Most women say words of encouragement or loving words to be romantic to their lovers. Most women show empathy, cries often to show how they care. Lack of empathy means there is no feeling.  So I told him to ask her what she wants and how they see each other in next 5 years or more. He has to worry less and find a relationship that is loving, positive and mutually beneficial and loving.