My answer to What is the best way to minimize neuropathy?

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

  1. Do not over medicate as drugs/medications are toxic to your body over time.
  2. Reduce stress level and get adequate sleep.
  3. Calm nervous system makes a stronger immune system.
  4. Eat colored veggies/whole foods rich in Vitamin Bs and other important minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium
  5. Get some sunshine and do exercise at least 30min per day.
  6. Avoid alcohol, smoking, sugar, fungus, molds and other toxins (in the air, water, food and environment).
  7. Add probiotics, pickled greens, digestive enzymes (pineapple/papaya) in your foods and supplementation.
  8. Avoid extra metals such as iron, aluminum, copper and other metals. Detox metals with cilantro and other greens.
  9. Take care of your thyroid and gut flora.

What is the best way to minimize neuropathy?