California must block Trump’s Muslim registry
The petition to California legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown reads:
“Resist and obstruct Trump’s racist, anti-Muslim regime. Do everything in your power to pass the California Religious Freedom Act (S.B. 31) as soon as possible.”

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Dear Connie,

Block Trump's Muslim registry

The threat Donald Trump’s presidency poses to Muslims gives California lawmakers a crucial choice to make: Will they stand against Trump’s hate or enable it?

Sen. Ricardo Lara has introduced the California Religious Freedom Act (S.B. 31), a bill that would prohibit state agencies from aiding in the creation of a Muslim registry. California progressive leaders are pushing the bill through the legislature as quickly as possible, and they need our support now to make sure it moves forward.

S.B. 31 needs a two-thirds majority to pass because of an urgency clause that allows state officials to immediately enforce the policy after the governor signs it into law. Speak out now to demand that all California lawmakers do the right thing, back the bill and get important protections for Muslims on the books before it’s too late.

Tell the California legislature and Gov. Brown: Protect Muslims. Pass the California Religious Freedom Act now. Click here to sign the petition.

The creation of a registry of all Muslims in the United States is one of Trump’s most chilling proposals. It harkens back to the internment of Japanese-Americans in California during World War II and to the Bush-era National Security Entrance-Exit Registration System. Both programs used racist notions of who was a threat to national security in order to racially profile entire groups of people and subject them to government monitoring, surveillance and detention.

States have the power to obstruct Trump’s anti-Muslim regime and in California, progressive leaders are already building statewide resistance. As soon as Trump won the election, California lawmakers introduced three bills, including S.B. 31, to strengthen protections for immigrants and Muslims. When Trump released his Muslim Ban 2.0, California joined five states in a lawsuit challenging the new ban as unconstitutional.1 Federal courts in Hawaii and Maryland recently blocked the ban.2,3

There is no room for a politics of hate and fear in California. On Wednesday, more than 1,000 immigrants, activists and faith leaders marched, rallied and lobbied lawmakers in Sacramento to demand that California legislators and Gov. Brown pass S.B. 31 as soon as possible. Help keep the momentum going by adding your name now.

Tell the California legislature and Gov. Brown: Protect Muslims. Pass the California Religious Freedom Act now. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for speaking out,

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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