There are many reasons to use a realtor when buying or selling a house. You wanted your opinions and choices be included in the buying and selling of a house.

If you plan to buy or sell a house and also help fund tuition and other expenses of college students here in the USA or Philippines, email or text 408-854-1883.

I asked the realtor to give you a 2018 PAL airline ticket when you choose his/her service.

If you have a land in the bay area, I have a modular home that can help you reduce the cost of a home purchase (built in Arizona for modular homes and NC for Deltec Round Homes).

Solar panels are also available. Email your address to check out if your home can be configured for solar panels.

My 20 yr old daughter wanted to save money to be able to afford a house in the bay area. As we are chatting she told me that she wanted to help me too if I need a house. She was able to save $8k but bay area houses are only for the rich.