A compete picture of your health in the palm of your hand

Health Screens

  • Whole blood panel test $500 (Motherhealth is affiliated with Life Extension and it lab services)
  • EXOME DNA Sequence test $500
  • UBIOME test of your gut microbes $100 ((Motherhealth is affiliated with UBIOME)
  • List of history of your family health issues

Fitness Tracker Health Monitor $320


To order this fitness tracker, join for free and then order at:


Curated Health info FREE

Connie as your health coach FREE

Contact Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com or text 408-854-1883

Refer Motherhealth caregivers to bay area seniors who needs live in caregiving, starts at $250 for 24-hr care.

Motherhealth caregivers brochure for bay area seniors

caregiver 1

Donate your land or homes in the bay area to provide affordable housing and care for seniors. Motherhealth Inc 501c3 or Green Research Institute 501c3 ; 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

Please add your info as a health professional so we can refer you to others:

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Health educator, author and enterpreneur motherhealth@gmail.com or conniedbuono@gmail.com ; cell 408-854-1883 Helping families in the bay area by providing compassionate and live-in caregivers for homebound bay area seniors. Blogs at www.clubalthea.com Currently writing a self help and self cure ebook to help transform others in their journey to wellness, Healing within, transform inside and out. This is a compilation of topics Connie answered at quora.com and posts in this site.

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