Trump opioid commission leaves out key stakeholder

Experts keeping their eyes on ways to curb the number of overdoses in the U.S. say there’s one very important person missing in President Donald Trump’s commission—the nominee for top federal regulator of prescription drugs.  READ MORE

GOP ‘dead zone’ bill may worsen insurers’ marketplace exodus

A U.S. Senate bill meant to provide more insurance options for individuals living in markets with no plans could exacerbate the problem by taking away both participation incentives and money from insurers.  READ MORE

BrownbackA patient and a provider explain why Kansas should expand Medicaid

Kansas lawmakers are considering whether to override Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of their Medicaid expansion bill. Patients and providers say lots of uninsured working people would benefit by gaining better access to preventive care.  READ MORE

Summa Health’s emergency residency program appeal denied

Summa Health’s emergency medicine residency program will lose its accreditation after the system’s appeal was denied, according to a March 29 staff memo.  READ MORE

Iowa requests CMS pay up to $225 million for Medicaid managed-care losses

Iowa’s controversial move to privatize its Medicaid program has cost participating insurers an estimated $450 million in losses.  READ MORE

Senate GOP needed Pence to break tie on family planning funds

Senate Republicans on Thursday needed Vice President Mike Pence to break a tie on legislation to reverse an Obama administration rule protecting funds for Planned Parenthood and other family planning providers.  READ MORE

CMS delays rule that would cut lab payments by nearly $4 billion

The CMS is delaying a rule that would result in clinical labs losing $3.93 billion in Medicare payments over 10 years.  READ MORE

Overcoming Barriers to Success Under Bundled Payments with Data, Communication and Resources

Bundled payments are fraught with surprises and challenges, but adopting a value-based payment mindset can have far reaching benefits to patients, physicians and hospitals.  READ MORE

VCU Health Overcomes Interoperability Challenges On Way to eCQM Success

How health systems can avoid the pressure and uncertainty in preparing for Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) submissions.  READ MORE

Cloud Technology Delivers Modern ERP Solutions For Healthcare

How an ERP cloud solution can lower costs, improve operational efficiencies and real-time analytics, and provide better tools for configurability and integration.  READ MORE