“The hills are alive, with the smell of treason…”
I wonder if there is an “insanity” defense against impeachment for treason?
Comrade Satire
Demonstrating huge defiance to Putin’s crack down on Russian citizens protests, President Trump, orders treats reduced for the official White House pet. Vladdy, a 10 on the scale of Russian Wolfhounds and gift from the Russian Ambassador howled afterwards and refused to come when called. Such behaviour from a KGB trained rescue dog is unheard of. Specially trained, with a refrigerated barrel of Beluga Caviar around her neck that is refilled daily by the Ambassador, Vladdy, like Lassie, is bigly smart dog, always listening carefully, up until now. Vladdy, a girl, was told by Trump, “be quiet girl, everyone knows no one respects women more than me, I promise, treat sanctions will end soon.” It is reported Vladdy would not come close enough for President Trump to get his morning Caviar eggs that he eats in a breakfast burrito each morning to show he respects Mexico too. “Bring me another pot of hot delicious Kremlin Kaffinated Koffee, with just one of Vladdys treats, need to keep my strength up with a good breakfast. Bigly huge decisions to make today,” Trump said with a smile. “You don’t want daddy to pout all day, do you girl? Come now, get you treat, I won’t grab you.” Vladdy got her treat, President Trump had his breakfast. First big White House crisis negotiated with great skill. No worries, Comrade Citizens. You’re in hugely good hands, with President Allstatesmanship.

RubleGate, Comrade Citizens, is ours, will we be courageous like some Russian Citizens or shrug our shoulders? What do you plan to do? St Nunes, Patron Saint of Trump, has made his decision, he is guarding the RubleGate, St Peter is crying at the Pearly Gates.
Trump and his merry band of Reverse Robin Hood Republicans govern with no humanity, no empathy and no concern for the environment. Them thar Republicans sure will pray for us though, like they govern, hypocritically, of course.

Comrade Satire
RubleGate, (follow the Ruble laundering trail) will include many “business leaders,” besides our own First Family, money above patriotism always, Comrade Citizens. Trump never expected to become President, only to prosition his brand and profit from it, with false flag waving. Not only is he and his administration almost totally unqualified, almost none were prepared for a win.

Where will this scrutiny lead? Ultimately, I think, Trump himself, will embrace (place blame) on the medical diagnosis, based upon his words, behaviors and actions that many mental health professionals and citizens recognize. Why will he place blame on his “condition?”

I’m not sure you intended it, but it was a subtle touch leaving Melania out of the group photo. She’s not a player in the family business.
Gaetano Vindigni
The finale will be our chorus of a loud and hearfelt “bronx cheer” as the buffoon-in-chief, his family of grifters and his pride of snarling baboons leave the country permanently.
Ann, you’re fantastic! Great images of the von Trumps!!!
Perfect . . . but I hope this isn’t a permanent image for THE SOUND OF MUSIC.
Spot on!!! When will they truly say goodbye and we can all sleep better.
This is genius.
My favorite so far! A good laugh. Thanks.
Beignet at the Beach
THANK YOU for allowing me a great laughing guffaw before sleep! Ann, you nailed it !
dionne 614
There will be a finale but not until he has dragged the country and our reputation through the mud and further damaged our civil discourse.
The von Trapp family escaped the authoritarian Hitler dictatorship to come to America. Now it looks like we may want to escape to Austria.
Ann, you really captured that face.
Walter Kamphoefner
Historically inaccurate! Why would they want to flee the Nazis?
Pam Chiocca
I especially love the way she drew Eric!
Stuck at an airport at 9:30 pm with an hour delay. You made me lol. Thank you!
You need the cartoon Pulitzer!
There will be SO many contenders given the wealth of material the Trumpster is creating on a daily basis.
Rebecca R
Yay!! Thank you Ann – this was really hilarious! Ghastly, very true, but priceless.