Drugs and supplements interaction quiz

Test Your Knowledge: Are These Statements True or False?

Some supplements can decrease the effects of drugs.

True   OR    False

You’re right.

For example, St. John’s wort can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills, leading to breakthrough bleeding and an increased risk of unintended pregnancy.

Some supplements can increase the effects—including unwanted side effects—of drugs.

True   OR    False

You’re right.

For example, herbs that decrease blood sugar may interact with anti-diabetes drugs to cause blood sugar to drop too far.

Some interactions between supplements and drugs are very dangerous.

True   OR    False

You’re right.

For example, interactions can decrease the effectiveness of critically important drugs—such as drugs that prevent transplanted organs from being rejected.

Scientists know a great deal about drug-supplement interactions.

True   OR    False

Actually, this is false.

For many drugs and supplements, there’s little information on possible interactions.

Author: connie dello buono

Health educator, author and enterpreneur motherhealth@gmail.com or conniedbuono@gmail.com ; cell 408-854-1883 Helping families in the bay area by providing compassionate and live-in caregivers for homebound bay area seniors. Blogs at www.clubalthea.com Developing a new site, www.avatarcare.net , for early cancer detection using genetics tests, telemedicine with electronic appointment scheduling with doctors, video chat with doctors, matching care providers with health consumers and a health concierge for all to reduce chronic care cost, find cancer cure and coordinate health care using predictive medicine and participatory.

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