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Join Action #6 in our 100 Days campaign: HEAR OUR VOTE

As we grow our resistance movement, it is important to recognize the power of our vote. By focusing on upcoming special, local, and state elections, we can create a groundswell of new elected officials who will fight for our values. Our power lies at the local level, the pipeline for higher offices; this is why we have to vote more than once every four years. For the sixth action in our 10 Actions / 100 Days campaign, we ask you to register to vote, to identify the upcoming elections in your district, and brush up on the history of voting rights. (Read more on this by heading to our website here.)
If voting was not important, there would not be such significant investment in preventing it. Here are some actions you can take to protect your and your community’s right to vote:
  1. Check your voter registration status. If you’re not registered, follow the prompts or register here.
  2. Engage with your Huddle (or join one!) and grow your activist communities! Are your family members registered? Your neighbors? Ask a young person if they’ve registered yet, or check in with an elder to see if they have everything necessary to vote.
  3. Reach even more people by hosting a voter registration drive in your community, setting up a table at local events/organizations (e.g., high school sporting event, supermarket, college campus, concert, community gathering, etc), or canvassing door-to-door in your neighborhood.
  4. Know your party affiliation and voter registration laws. If you want to support new candidates for office during primaries, you may be required by your state to register with a party. Find out more about your state’s requirements here. In 2017 many state legislatures are introducing restrictive voting laws that disproportionately impact minorities. See if your state is one of them.
  5. Mark your calendars for the next election, local or state. Find out upcoming dates by entering your state here. And get ready for the midterm elections on November 6, 2018!
We don’t have to wait until the next presidential election to make our voices heard. We need elected officials who represent and support our communities at every level. There are special local and state elections, as well as the 2018 midterm elections to prepare for. Check your registration status, register, and mark your calendars today.
Join us using the hashtag #HearOurVote on social media.
Our voice. Our power. Our vote.

Join Action #6 in our 100 Days campaign: HEAR OUR VOTE

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