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America needs a healthcare system that serves EVERYONE, not just the wealthy few.

That’s why Bernie Sanders is introducing ‘Medicare for All.’

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Connie —

The United States is one of the only modernized nations without universal health care.

But in one of the wealthiest countries, no one should have to choose between life-saving medical treatment and paying rent.

That’s why Bernie Sanders is introducing ‘Medicare for All.’ And Connie, we want you to become a Citizen Co-Sponsor!

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29 million Americans STILL don’t have health insurance — and millions more are underinsured and can’t afford the coverage they need.

Connie, it’s up to us to demand a better health care system.

We’re fighting for universal health care — but we need your help.

Support health care for everyone: Sign on as an official Citizen Co-Sponsor of “Medicare for All” today >>

Single-payers systems like Bernie’s proposal THRIVE in other modernized nations. The American people deserve the same equitable health care system.

This bill would:

  • Save the average middle-class family $5,OOO a year,
  • Save businesses over $9,4OO a year,
  • And ensure EVERY American access to life-saving coverage.

It’s a no-brainer, Connie. We NEED a single-payer health care system.

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Let’s make history and give EVERYONE health care,

National Democratic Training Committee