Tomorrow in over 50 cities around the country, thousands of people will take to the streets as part of the Tax March, demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns, just as every president for the last 40 years has.

But today, I need you to call your representative and demand they do their part to force Trump to be transparent with the American people, especially if your representative is a Republican — they’ve blocked all efforts to make Trump show us his tax returns.

We’ve built a website that will look up your representative for you and connect your phone with their office with just a few clicks. We’ll even give you script so you know what to say. It couldn’t be easier.

Click here to find and call your representative.

If you’ve never called your representative before, our call-tool really makes it simple. It will only take you two minutes and remember, Congress works for you!

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P.S. There’s still time to join a Tax March near you. Click here to sign up.

Nancy Huehnergarth

Chappaqua, NY

APR 10, 2017 — I know that many of you are planning to protest President Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns at a Tax March near you this Saturday. Thank you so much for signing up for this important event!

While the national Tax March will be held in Washington, D.C., over a hundred Tax Marches will be held simultaneously across the nation on April 15th. There’s still plenty of time to sign up here:

For the National Tax March in Washington, D.C.

To find a local march near you

What are your ideas for protest signs that would express exactly how we feel about Trump’s lack of transparency? Here are a few that I’ve come up with but I’m hoping some of you have far more clever ideas:

– EVERYONE wants to see your taxes, Mr. President
– What are you hiding, President Trump? Release your Taxes
– I’ll show mine if you show yours, Mr. President. Release your taxes now!
– Is it true that no one wants to see Trump’s tax returns? Nyet!
– When you say your taxes are under audit, are you Putin us on?
– Congress, Say “Da” to Subpoenaing Trump’s Taxes

Please share your protest sign ideas in the comments section. And thank you in advance for brainstorming!


President Trump: Release Your Tax Returns
Without his returns, Americans are in the dark about Trump’s conflicts of interest, his foreign entanglements, and whether he even pays any…
While presidents are not legally required to provide tax returns, they all have since 1976. Not Trump. He truly believe he answers to know one. That is a dangerous mindset for the president of the United States to be in so we are marching to SHOW him who he has to answer to.

On Tax Day, Saturday, April 15th, can you join the national Tax March to demand Trump turn over his tax returns and start acting like a public servant and not a totalitarian dictator? Click here to find one in SAN JOSE.

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The email invite we sent earlier in the week is below.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump became the first major nominee to refuse to release his tax returns in 40 years.

We won’t stop until we get the full transparency we deserve from the highest office in the land. He works for us now.

Join thousands of Americans ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY marching on April 15th!

Find a march near SAN JOSE
The number of marches planned for Tax Day is staggering. The determination of the American people to hold Trump accountable is unwavering. Simply enter your zip code and you will be directed to the closest marches to you.

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