At 40 yrs of age, we have lived half of our life and the next 40+ years is savoring each moment of our life with good health and prosperity. Many of us will create innovative ideas and share them with others.

I am calling for all to define what would be the most useful site for health consumers who are 40plus years of age. Some of us are caregivers. Some are just starting a family and some are burdened with health issues.

Vote for the following and email your ideas to . You will be an official member of this group of health consumers defining what should be the most useful health sites for 40 plus group.

Innovation 1: 800 telephone number with the following choices: 1 for caregiving , 2 for transportation , 3 for health coordination , 4 for health concierge , 5 for financial advice

Innovation 2: Site to learn caregiving skills (5min video skills, or FAQ, or one page how tos/DIY), to learn others skills, to match seniors needing a renter and caregiver for long term, to match health care professionals with health consumers (naturopathics, doctors, dentists, podiatrists, health coach, genetic counselors, others), to ask curated health questions (simplified version of quora), to have a second opinion (from health pros and health consumers) , to share health data, to navigate health and aging

Innovation 3: Site to find health products such as diabetic socks that measure temperature to prevent amputation, gut microbiome DNA tests, whole blood panel tests, EXOME whole DNA tests, metabolic aging RNA sequence tests, fitness tracker measuring oxygen and blood glucose, and other biomarkers, other health products, anti-aging supplements based on personalized health coaching

Innovation 4: Site to be defined by health consumers for health consumers. Example would be:
– gadgets for home and home design suited for aging and living with social, health and aging solutions
– voice recognition (Amazon) personalized for group of health consumers (Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Disabled, others)
– medication management, delivery and control

– other cost saving tips, preventing ER visits, DIY, CAM (complimentary alternative medicine)

– digital controlled food plate that measures food calories and more

– digital body wrap to measure knee (or other body parts) pressure, temp and other health vitals

– rain water solutions , solar solutions, gardening solutions, others

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