We all know that Donald Trump has something to hide when it comes to his businesses. Leave it to Senator Elizabeth Warren to sum up all of Trump’s secrecy about his missing tax returns in a viral video.

Trump has refused to release his tax returns, violating a tradition that all presidential candidates have held to for decades. He promised to release his returns if he became president, but he broke that promise too.

Trump must have something really juicy in his returns, something he doesn’t want the public to see. He has bragged that he hasn’t paid taxes for years, but he doesn’t want anyone to see how he did it.

But Senator Warren takes this issue head-on. She exposed Trump for the fraud that he is.

Warren says in her video, “Donald Trump is hiding something, and we know where he’s hiding it—not in a safe, not in a vault. Nope, he’s hiding it in his taxes.”

Warren points out that a lot of secretive outside groups have a financial interest in the Trump empire. Trump’s taxes, however, could reveal exactly who they are.

For instance, Trump hotels owe millions to international banks. Trump has also done business with Russian billionaires with ties to the mob.


Trump has done business with Saudi princes as well. All of these groups could exert influence on Trump.

For all we know, Trump is in China or Russia’s pocket. Or the big banks could use their business ties to make Trump repeal financial regulations.

“The American people definitely didn’t elect Wall Street, or Saudi Arabia, or Russia to run our country—but it seems like they’ve been renting ‘TRUMP’ for years, continued Warren. “And that’s where the problem is: not just an ethical problem, but who exercises influence—who really calls the shots—over the man who now sits in the White House.”

We’ve long suspected that Trump is compromised by foreign powers. For example, just this week we learned that intelligence agencies found that the Trump campaign team was communicating with Russia as early as 2015.

Trump ran on the promise that he would stand up for the little guy. The reality, though, is that Trump sold out to rich interests here and abroad.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren says that Trump has something to hide in his tax returns.

Trump could disprove all these conflicts of interest by releasing his tax returns, but he refuses to do it.

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Warren points out that Trump could clear this all up by releasing his tax returns. But he refuses to do so, and the GOP won’t force him to either.

So Warren calls on all Americans to join a Tax March this tax day, to demand that government start working for the middle class instead of billionaires and corporations. We the people need to hold our government accountable.

Warren finished, “People will be marching to tell Donald Trump they want to know who he is really working for and for Congress to force Donald Trump to release his taxes. Donald, the time for hiding is over.”

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