Virus linked to food sensitivity and more health news

Reovirus core structure

Virus linked to food sensitivity

Research in mice showed that a seemingly innocuous virus can provoke immune responses to a dietary protein. The findings suggest how patients with celiac disease may develop a response to gluten.

Marburg virus

Antibody cures animals of Ebola-related viruses

Treatment with a monoclonal antibody cured guinea pigs and rhesus monkeys in late stages of infection with the Ebola-related viruses Marburg and Ravn. Researchers are now working to advance the treatment to clinical studies.

Scaffold on tendon

Repairing torn rotator cuffs

Stem cells grown on a polymer scaffold helped repair torn rotator cuff tendons in rats. The findings could lead to improved methods of repairing rotator cuff tears in people.

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Author: connie dello buono

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