Portland Oregon 6 hours ago

President Trump’s presidency has demonstrated that rights long fought for are more vulnerable to reversal than women were aware. Even though the equal rights amendment failed the women of the baby boomer generation did a lot of hard work to level out the playing field. Younger women have taken those rights for granted and often thought they had more rights then we actually do.

One of the most telling moments was the picture of a room full of white men looking on with approval as Trump signed the global gag rule. Now steps are being taken to defund planned parenthood, one of the largest providers for womens healthcare in this country.

Women may not agree on every issue but we’re at least willing to listen to each other. I’m glad that after the women’s march more women are running for office. Perhaps with their success we might see meaningful legislation passed such as universal daycare, universal preschool, and more affordable healthcare and housing. Women have a better idea of what will help working families and that’s good for the rest of the nation.


Portsmouth, NH 6 hours ago

Elizabeth Warren said it best, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.”

I think that hell will freeze over before you’ll see women in office signing legislation that controls a man’s reproductive rights.

A. Gideon

New York, NY 6 hours ago

I will still rather vote for a male who shares my values, than a female who works for the Trump Party.

alan haigh

carmel, ny 6 hours ago

Anything men can do women can do better… At this moment in our political reality, this generalization seems completely rational, and I would welcome an Icelandic feminist intervention into our entire body politic.

Men are certainly more effective at swinging clubs than women, generally speaking, and this historical importance should not be forgotten, after all, men played a very important role in getting us here- but in the modern world, too much testosterone in governance appears to be a dangerous thing.

Is it sexist to suggest that women’s greater involvement in child rearing gives them better vision for the long view? Maybe it is just male hormones that make men blind to the long term consequences of their decision making. What is crystal clear is that our government in in need of a shake-up, and the recent infusion of testosterone in the executive branch is clearly not the prescription our country needs.


Chicago, IL 5 hours ago

While I want anyone of any gender to feel free to run for office, I don’t think it is a good idea to try to find out if we are “better” with a certain gender in power. First of all, while there are more men in office, there are also more female voters. Because voters determine who gets in office, women already have more influence over politics than men do. To say they don’t is to say that voters aren’t what actually matters in a democracy, which is the entire point of our type of government.

Secondly, one has only to look at politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Michelle Bachmann to see that being of a particular gender does not determine one’s political views or activity. The ability to compromise or be compassionate is not based on gender. Sexist lines of thinking aren’t going to help gender equality.


Cambridge 4 hours ago

Just reading the comments helps me realize that HRC was never going to win in 2016. If so many NYT readers are this afraid of women in state level elected offices I can only imagine how they would wilt with a woman as president.


ohio 4 hours ago

$6.99 a box. You need three boxes (if you have nothing to start with), for different flow days, plus pads, for a single month. Now they make combination boxes, but those are more expensive, at $9 a box. And I still have to get two absorbancies. So figure $18 a month from age 12 to age 50. 38 x 12 x 18= $8208. That’s 8k a man has spent on toys, golf, used to pay bills, that the woman straight off the top doesn’t get to decide what to do with, or negotiate in the budget. Cut the jockstrap tax? Better make that a cup, because if he said that to me he’d be doubled up on the floor after I kicked him.

David Henry

Concord 4 hours ago

I fail to see any difference between a right wing woman and a right wing man.

Both want to deprive people of health care, and both make up excuses why that’s a good thing.


Wisconsin 3 hours ago

I’ve had a number of female bosses/supervisors, half were great, they understood the issues facing women, a significant number were a disappointment. The disappointments were the women who were more interested in helping themsleves than others. A significant number were detrimental to the careers of other women…they, like some of their male counterparts, were more concerned about being noticed by the opposite sex and sometimes worked extra hard to NOT help the fate of women.
I certainly agree we need significantly more women in elected office, but they need to be interested in the welfare of others, not just themselves, which has characterized many of their male counterparts. We don’t need women in politics that are more male than the males.

C’s Daughter

NYC 2 hours ago

“Is sex a normal part of life people are entitled to — or not? If a woman uses birth control (WHICH IS NOW FREE)…isn’t that for HER sexual pleasure? So she can enjoy sex, free of worries about unwanted pregnancy?”

It is not “free.” It is covered without a co-pay by insurance. I pay for my insurance premiums.

Yes, sex is a normal part of life that people are entitled to.

Birth control is not “for sexual pleasure.” Vibrators are for sexual pleasure. Try as I might, I just can’t get my pack of pills to produce the same effect!!! Am I doing it wrong?!?!? For most people, having a regular sex life with a romantic partner is a normal, healthy part of life. Planning pregnancies is crucial to protecting a woman’s health and giving her agency over her life. Birth control allows her to do that. To pretend that birth control is used to permit deviant sexual activity, or allow some clandestine “pleasure” or “good time,” rather than acknowledging human sexuality and women’s autonomy as two perfectly normal things that can and should co-exist, is fallacious thinking and inherently sexist.

Laurence Voss

Valley Cottage, N.Y. 2 hours ago

The republican party , catering to the needs of their evangelical supporters , are busy reducing female citizens to the equivalent of farm animals , intellectually and morally unfit to exercise their God given free will and determine the best course to take should an unwanted pregnancy occur.

The same party recently gave the go ahead for individual states to prevent the federal money allocated for Planned Parenthood regardless of the fact that the Hyde Amendment has prevented any federal funds from being used for abortion for the past forty years. The only purpose that this restriction will accomplish is to deny millions of women the broad female services offered by PP other than abortion. This edict is not only not rational , it is undeniably cruel.

The recent health plan offered by the GOP was engineered by ultra conservative legislators to deny maternal and neo-natal health care.

Are these people unaware of the need for progeny ? Do they believe that pregnancy is the result of some female whim or caprice ? Is the preservation of the human species something that conservatives choose not to believe in ? Is it maybe too Darwinian or scientific to comprehend ?

Maybe 20 % of the voting population represent the view that their religious opinions should be forced down the throats of the public at large. But their votes put Trump in office and he is paying them homage with this shameless treatment of women.

For the GOP , life apparently stops at birth.


California 1 hour ago

Do you think there is anything even a little bit sexist about saying women are more capable than men? Is a double standard really OK?

Agnes Cleary

NY 12 minutes ago

Sadly, voters do not determine who gets into office. Donald Trump lost the popular vote, and look who’s sitting in the Oval Office. But the peculiarities of the Electoral College notwithstanding, money is what determines who wins elections now, and until we overturn Citizens United that will continue to be the case. So the fact that there are more female than male voters is immaterial.

Kat IL

Chicago 12 minutes ago

The ability to compromise or be compassionate should not be based on gender, but in reality it often is. I say that as a feminist who has been around long enough to learn that I must take the world as it is and try to improve it with what I’ve got, not with what I wish I had.

Kat IL

Chicago 11 minutes ago

When you are dealing with a portion of the population that has been told since time immemorial that they are LESS capable when in fact it turns out they are more likely to do things like work across the aisle, compromise, etc., then no it is not a double standard to call out that capability. Just get used to the idea that women are good at stuff, and yes sometimes better than you at it. “When you’re used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”


Milford pa 5 minutes ago

Your whole premise simply proves one thing…women are equal to men. They can be equally nasty, ambitious and self seeking…but when they are good, they are very ,very good…

Ignoring a whole segment of our society is ignorant and dangerous…

Policies that help our whole society fairly are what is needed and that requires imput and the talents of both sexes, something that is sorely missing in our current misogynous government.