Connie — it looks like the voter ID problem is about to go national.

Congressman Luke Messer (IN-06) has introduced a voter photo identification bill, which could suppress the votes of millions of eligible Americans nationwide.

Why? It could be because Congressman Messer wants to run for Senate next year, and he’s looking for a leg up with the Trump crowd. It could be that he buys into Trump’s lies about fraudulent voting, even though those claims have been debunked over and over again.

But whatever the reason, we need to take action and stop this. Now.

Copy this number 202-225-3021 and give Congressman Messer a call. Tell him you oppose his voter ID bill and that you don’t want him changing national election laws just to help win his own election in Indiana.

Again, that number is 202-225-3021.

If you’re not having much luck there, you can also try calling his district offices in Indiana. He’s got three:

Muncie: 765-747-5566

Richmond: 765-962-2883

Shelbyville: 317-421-0704

And once you’re done with that, do this:

Let’s stop this voter ID bill before it gets off the ground. Thanks!