In interviewing many senior clients, this is what they have said of their caregivers:

  • They are caring, doing above and beyond what they are supposed to do.
  • They can prevent many emergencies.
  • They would do more observations and can identify any missing care.
  • When they do their job, you know that you are in safe hands.
  • They would ensure that I am comfortable and well taken cared of.
  • They are calm, reassuring and you feel like you are with your mother.
  • They know when I am in pain and would find ways to alleviate my pain.
  • They do a lot of tasks including light housekeeping, cook, massage and what ever task I need help from them.
  • They love to laugh and find ways to amuse me and play music or read books with me. I love the way they fix my hair and groom me.
  • They know what to cook for me and would ensure that I am hydrated and that my medication are given at the right time.
  • I am less anxious when they are with me. They treat me like family.

Notice that with the above observations, you can say that loving and caring caregivers are what make seniors feel loved and safe.

A patient and understanding caregiver can bring more peace and care to a client.

We talk to our seniors like they are family and ensure that they get the care they need at the right time with dignity, respect and compassion.

Added skills:

  • massage and exercises like range of motion for Parkinson
  • gourmet cooking
  • knowledge of First Aid and CPR, other nursing care (can be learned, just be trainable)
  • knows proper ways of grooming bed-ridden clients
  • knows proper way of transferring client from bed to wheelchair and other ways of moving and transport
  • knows other nursing care: monitoring glucose levels, monitoring breathing and blood pressure, monitoring normal bowel movement, body temperature, skin and other body biometrics

Email for free caregiving training. Text 408-854-1883 for 24-hr response if you need caregiver in the bay area for homebound seniors.

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