Motherhealth wish to collaborate with you all in helping match senior care with caregivers in the bay area. Profit sharing is welcome with no cash participation upfront, only sweat equity. You can join us in our goal to bring affordable care among our adult populations in the bay area. Email Connie at or text 408-854-1883 for more information on how you can help another senior get needed caregivers who are compassionate and well trained. You will be joining as Care Partner who will help envision the future of caregiving with Motherhealth and future web site, , a health concierge with global reach using health data and more.

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caregiver 2Seven A’s for Addressing Health Equity

  1. Acknowledge there is a problem to be addressed.
  2. Agree on the goal, and identify what resources are necessary to meet it.
  3. Align the goal with existing priorities.
  4. Determine what actions are needed to achieve the goal.
  5. Create alliances to implement the actions.
  6. Analyze progress, and adjust the plan as necessary.
  7. Have shared accountability for reaching the goal.

We know that health equity cannot be achieved by a single individual or organization, so forging alliances and working together is critical. We also know that we must be able to measure our progress. Having data and doing analysis of it are important for the development, assessment, and revision of our health equity plan. The last of the A’s requires us to be accountable and ask the question – what happens if we do not reach our goal? There shouldn’t be one person or organization responsible for the success or failure of a plan, but a shared accountability.