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Senate Democrats are exploring a lawsuit against President Trump on the grounds that his vast business empire has created conflicts of interest that violate the Constitution.

The incompetence of the Trump Administration is UNPRECEDENTED:

New York Times: Donald Trump's First 100 Days: The Worst on Record - 4/26/17

Everyone’s saying it: Donald Trump’s Presidency is a COMPLETE FAILURE.

And if we continue to let him stay in the Oval Office, his backwards agenda will drive us toward destruction.

Saturday marks Trump’s 100 days in office.

We MUST get Trump out of the White House before he further destroys our progress. If you agree, sign your name right away:

Here’s a quick recap of Trump’s first 100 days:

— He still refuses to release his taxes.
— His travel bans failed twice in court for being ruled unconstitutional.
— And he’s currently under FBI investigation for colluding with Russia to rig our elections.

Trump has failed to pass ANY significant piece of legislation, even with his party controlling BOTH chambers of Congress!

To sum it up, we’ve seen nothing but failure and scandal from Trump’s INEPT administration during his first 100 days.

We simply can’t put our country through four years of Donald Trump and his corrupt mess.

We MUST take action now — while we still have time — to save our country. Sign your name immediately if you want Trump IMPEACHED:


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