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Today, we look at the German military’s neo-Nazi problem, battles over global women’s issues in Donald Trump’s foreign aid budget, and a Soviet-era bomb likely dropped in a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

BEFORE THE RENAISSANCE: The only antidote for 100-days mania and 24-hour news cycles is to shift focus from the urgent to the important, FP’s David Rothkopf writes: Read more
INEXPERIENCED ASSET: Trump’s Israel-Palestine negotiator isn’t qualified — and that might just give him an edge in pulling off a peace deal, Armin Rosen writes: Read more
NAZI ATTRACTION: A bizarre case involving a German officer and a planned terrorist attack has drawn attention to an alarming problem: right-wing extremism within the German military, Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian writes: Read more
AID BATTLE: In Trump’s plan to gut foreign aid, battle lines are drawn over global women’s issues, FP’s Robbie Gramer and Ruby Mellen write: Read more
SOVIET BOMBS IN SYRIA: The Syrian government most likely used a Soviet-era bomb in the April 4 chemical weapon attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun, FP’s Colum Lynch writes: Read more