As a Californian, I’m ready for single-payer health care in CA. If you agree,please sign this petition in support now.

Sign to tell CA legislators: single-payer now!
The time has never been better for universal health care in CA than right now. Democrats control both houses of the state legislature and the governor’s office.

We’re facing urgent threats to the Affordable Care Act, so we can’t rely on the federal government with regards to healthcare. And even under the ACA, over 30 million Californians lack health insurance.

Right now, a bill is in the legislature that needs our support. We’re working with a coalition of allies to fight for it. It’s called SB 562, or the Healthy California Act.

It would ensure that money is spent on providing people care, rather than a private insurer’s profit margins. People would get the coverage they need, and health care costs would go down.

Sign the petition to Gov Jerry Brown and the CA State Assembly and Senate: Pass the Healthy California Act to create a universal health care system in CA.

Sign to tell CA legislators: single-payer now!

The legislation faces a tough road in the state legislature. Lobbyists for thehealth insurance industry and Big Pharma will do all they can they can to kill this bill.

They’ll concoct awful lies and scare tactics, and they’ll spend millions of dollars to spread them to influence Republicans and moderate Democrats to vote against the bill. So CA legislators must hear from us in support of it.

Sign if you agree: health care is a human right and it’s time every Californian is guaranteed health care.

Sign to tell CA legislators: single-payer now!
Keep fighting,
Mara Schechter, Daily Kos