Trump loves dictators

Trump may not destroy the USA, but he is the loose thread that when pulled eventually unravels the blanket.
Robert Lenoir
Trump fans embrace the crazy (LOL):…
Paul deSuiza
4:25 PM PDT [Edited]
you are deluding yourself … a legit end of Trump’s administration will end democracy, because of the values that Trump embraces, which are all anti democratic.
If history accepts that anti democratic values can be the result of democracy, well, say bye bye to everything, especially considering the impact that such shift will have on the environment.

The only way out is delegitimizing Trump’s election, not only Trump’s administration.
We know Trump has betrayed the USA even before getting elected.
So, let’s out this fascist and his buddies.
We can’t have a worshiper of regressive abuse and abusers as President of the most progressive liberal Constitutional democracy in history.

Time to end this fraud.

4:36 PM PDT
2018… if all of the anger, all of the protesting and marching is focused into voter turn out in 2018… then a Democratic tsunami can wash out the House and Senate… only when that happens, will the impeachment process begin in earnest…
Bernie Gunther
In the end, Hindenburg and Ludendorff completely ignored the Kaiser, who slinked away into exile in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the generals surrounding tRump and who will eventually completely ignore him, appear to be a lot more capable, and less personally ambitious.
Paul deSuiza
4:29 PM PDT
Until the day Trump replaces them with idiots if the Flynn /Mannafort category
I hope they defenestrate him , before he does that.

You have way too much trust in the integrity of military brass … you are underestimating the internal fight between fascism and democracy that is going inside the US Gov.
Most of all, you are underestimating the fact that the American people have no clue what the above is or means.

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