TRUMP’S Environmental Disaster

COLLAPSE IN CARACAS: The fate of the Soviet Union may prove instructive for Venezuela, Anders Aslund writes: Read more
ARAB PRINCE VERSUS TRUMP: A Muslim prince from an Arab royal family is now one of the leading voices defending human rights on the global stage, FP’s Kim Ghattas writes: Read more
PARADOX IN PARIS: Emmanuel Macron will likely be the next occupant of the most powerful office in the democratic world. He’ll also be its next victim, Robert Tombs writes: Read more
PUTIN CALLING: Five takeaways from Trump’s phone call with Putin, from FP’s Robbie Gramer and Emily Tamkin: Read more
TRUMP’S ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER: The Trump administration’s approach to science generally and to climate change in particular has the makings of a foreign-policy disaster, Shadow Government’s Daniel B. Baer writes: Read more

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