Do you think FBI Director James Comey cost Hillary the Presidency?

Just DAYS before the Election, FBI Director James Comey released a letter to Congress “reopening an investigation” into her emails.

And Connie — James Comey ADMITTED his actions may have affected the outcome of the election!!

But he didn’t release ANY of the information that he had proving Russia was helping Trump’s campaign.

So we’re asking our top supporters: Do you think James Comey cost Hillary the Presidency?

TOP SUPPORTER: Connie Dello Buono
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Do you think James Comey cost Hillary the Presidency?
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James Comey was ALREADY investigating Trump for his ties to Russia. He knew about that since JULY of 2O16 and never said ANYTHING.

Yet he decided to write a letter to Congress about Hillary Clinton’s email just DAYS before the election.

Hillary’s support PLUMMETED after Comey’s letter. And now Donald Trump is our President.

That’s why we need to hear from you Connie.

Do you think James Comey cost Hillary the Presidency?

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