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Demand that Comey testify immediately about the status of the Trump-Russia investigation
Detox your lungs from air pollution and metal toxins and for early lung cancer
Diet and exercise for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson
Dietary needs of seniors with Parkinson’s disease
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Elephant’s “Body Awareness” Adds to Increasing Evidence of Their Intelligence
Epidemiology of Alzheimer’s Disease
Epigenetics in Adipose Tissue, Obesity, Weight Loss, and Diabetes
Estate Planning: Essential for the Under-40s
Estrogen Alters Memory Circuit Function in Women With Gene Variant
Exercise and Endocannabiniod system in the brain and Alzheimer’s
Fasting, sun bathing ,Vit C, Lysine, turmeric, green tea, carrots and raw food diet to reduce tumor size
Fatigue and Red (bloodshot) eyes from WebMD
Fight VIRUS with Enzymes from pineapple and papaya, baking soda, alkaline food, calcium and magnesium from whole foods
Fire Trump for not doing a good job, We the People must protest
Fitness tracker, pain relief and home health monitor with HELO smart band
Frequency of the human body, whole foods, canned foods
Genes in Children Linked to Bipolar Disorder and Stress Identified
Gout, Dementia, Chelation Therapy
Growth hormone DHEA increases libido/anti-aging
Happy Mother’s day – free coffee
Health Care Data on chronic disease, hospitals, health insurance, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania
Health consumers must be vigilant to any side effects of any meds or drugs
Health Data
Help! Need Your Ideas for Great Protest Signs for the April 15 Trump Tax March
High Blood Pressure Onset in Late Life May Protect Against Dementia
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How to Stay Sane if Trump is Driving You Insane: Advice From a Therapist
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MEDICATIONS TO AVOID that worse PD (Parkinson’s disease)
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N-Acetyl Cysteine and Parkinsons
N-Acetyl Cysteine and Parkinsons
National Forum on the Human Right to Housing
New Link Found Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s
NIH researchers trace origin of blood-brain barrier ‘sentry cells’
Nitric Oxide for strong blood vessels’ cells , up with exercise, melons, cucumber, Vit C, E, amino acid – L-arginine, L-citrulline
Non pasteurized beers have more health benefits
Nursing and caregiving week
Over cooking, carcinogens and AGEs
Pain killers damage to the liver and the heart
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell implicated in Russia-Trump
Philippines Coconut Wine -Tuba
Philippines president Dutarte asked each town to prepare a list of drug users and pushers
Police videos should be public records
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Resveratrol and calorie restriction activates SIRT1 , anti-aging gene
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Russia investigation cover up of so called President
Salt, hunger and weight gain
Samsung and WellDoc partner to offer direct-to-consumer version of diabetes management app
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Scientists establish ‘tipping point’ molecular link between blood sugar and Alzheimer’s disease
Scientists pinpoint critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging
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Skin care: red algae, Vitamin E, macadamia oil, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, fruit enzymes
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Tell Me What Languages You Know and I’ll Tell You How You Read
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Trump says Americans have “No Right” to protest him – his lies are threats to democracy
Tumor location determines tissue-specific recruitment of tumor-associated macrophages and antibody-dependent immunotherapy response
Uncaria Tomentosa (“Cat’s Claw); Anti Malaria”
Urine DNA Test Shows Potential for Early Bladder Cancer Detection
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