Trump Hires Law Firm After Sen. Graham Says He Wants to Explore Trump’s Ties To Russia-Comey’s Out

Nancy Huehnergarth

Chappaqua, NY

MAY 10, 2017 — It’s been a wild and deeply disturbing 24 hours in Trumpworld.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced that Trump had RETAINED A LAWYER to deal with the Russia probe, based on Senator Lindsey Graham’s comment that he wanted to learn if any business ties exist between Trump and Russia. Graham also mentioned getting Trump’s tax returns as a part of that exploration.

Just hours later, the news broke that Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was leading an investigation into the administration’s Russian ties. And CNN is reporting that grand jury subpoenas have been issued in the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Clearly, Trump is terrified. The walls appear to be closing in on him and his associates. Will Congressional Republicans stop stonewalling and finally subpoena his tax returns?

Let’s keep up the pressure!

Today, please keep calling Senator Lindsey Graham’s office at (202) 224-5972, and tell him:

1) Thank you for holding the judiciary subcommittee hearing with Sally Yates and James Clapper.
2) Please subpoena President Trump’s taxes NOW so we can learn more about his business ties to Russia, and any other financial entanglements that may impact his presidency.
3) Please support the appointment of a special prosecutor for the Trump-Russia investigation.

If you can’t get through to Senator Graham’s D.C. office, here are the numbers to his local SC offices:

Main: (864) 250-1417
Main: (803) 933-0112
Main: (843) 669-1505
Main: (843) 849-3887
Main: (803) 366-2828
Main: (864) 646-4090

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