Lessons learned from the 19th Annual Updates on Dementia, May 2017

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Thanks to the organizer , Alzheimer’s Association , for the 19th Annual Updates on Dementia, May 2017. More than 700 attendees listened to speakers about Dementia and vendors showcased their services and programs.

The conference provided a greater impact in the future care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Caregivers and health care pros have learned that:

  • Caregiving  support/palliative care (non-medical) in various ways can decrease the progression of Dementia
  • African Americans and Carribeans have higher incidence/prevalence of Dementia attributed to vascular disease.
  • Cognitive assessment can be learned by all the care team
  • Delirium doubles the progression of Dementia. Delirium is 30% present in ICU, hospitals, after surgery and those seen by a physician.
  • Anti-psychotics and Benzodiazepines must be avoided for Dementia patients
  • Resources in San Francisco and San Mateo counties are listed. Email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com for more info.

Connie’s comments: Education was listed as one of the factors, but other factors must be considered: environment, support system, diet, exercise, and genetics.
For every Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, there is a related health issue such as diabetes, vascular disease and metabolic disorders.


Is there a relationship in diet/metabolic disorders and Dementia/Alzheimer?
Based on health data for the US, 30% of health issues are related to diabetes and depression and more in lower income population.  In this population, we need to see more studies if Dementia is also prevalent among these groups.

What caregiving training can be most successful in helping families cope with the changing needs of Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease?

How can communities be mobilized to better serve the seniors in their communities?


Motherhealth Caregivers serves the LGBT seniors in SF, African Americans and Hispanics in a very personalized way. Call 40-854-1883 for 24-hr response.

For caregiving training, email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com






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