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Inside Trump’s anger and impatience — and his sudden decision to fire Comey
The president was said to be frustrated by James Comey’s focus on Russia and lack of attention on leaks.
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The Fix •  Analysis
The White House explanations for Comey’s firing are crumbling before our eyes
Over 36 hours, a host of story lines from the White House.
By Aaron Blake  •  Read more »
Acting FBI director vows to inform congressional committee if White House tries to upend Russia probe
Andrew McCabe also told a congressional committee there had “been no effort to impede our investigation to date.”
By Matt Zapotosky  •  Read more »
Politics •  Analysis
Trump says he invented an 84-year-old phrase. But, why?
When he talks about his own achievements, Trump hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt.
By Philip Bump  •  Read more »
The Plum Line •  Opinion
The White House’s laughable spin about Comey now lies in smoking ruins
And as always, it all leads back to Trump’s megalomania and sneaking dread of the illegitimacy of his presidency.
By Greg Sargent  •  Read more »
Why Trump expected only applause when he told Comey, ‘You’re fired.’
A president who operates in the moment sees no profit in considering the lessons and contradictions of the past.
By Marc Fisher  •  Read more »
The Fix •  Analysis
More bad news for Trump: His poll numbers just hit a bunch of new lows
Even before the Comey fiasco. And even worse for Trump, he’s got those working-class whites to thank for it.
By Aaron Blake  •  Read more »
Jefferson Davis disappears as New Orleans removes tribute to ‘lost cause of the Confederacy’
‘We continue our march to reconciliation by removing the Jefferson Davis Confederate statue from its pedestal of reverence,’ Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.
By J. Freedom du Lac  •  Read more »
On Leadership •  Analysis
Trump’s ‘You’re fired’ message to Comey broke this basic rule of management
Don’t catch people by surprise when they’re getting the ax, experts say, and do deliver bad news in person.
By Jena McGregor  •  Read more »
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White House to launch a commission to study voter fraud and suppression
More than three months after the president claimed there was widespread voter fraud, the White House plans to launch a commission to study the issue.
By Jenna Johnson  •  Read more »
With Comey’s dismissal, the Russia investigation will soon be run by Trump allies
Why Trump’s efforts to shake his Russia problem only make it worse
Analysis | Trump surrogates are trying to explain Comey’s firing. It’s not going well.
Analysis | James Comey’s farewell letter to his FBI colleagues, annotated
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Mitch McConnell may be making the most important mistake of his career
Even after the firing of the FBI director, the Senate majority leader defends the president.
By E.J. Dionne Jr.  •  Read more »
What Donald Trump doesn’t understand about the federal government
I support Trump. But if he’s wrong, he’s wrong — and firing Comey was wrong.
Trump’s violations of federalism would make Obama jealous
These Republicans could set the Comey disaster right
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Fancy Stats •  Analysis
CSI: Washington — How the Caps lost this year, and every year
Diagnosing the cause of death for each of the Capitals’ playoff series losses in the Alex Ovechkin Era.
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Will Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson actually run for president? ‘It’s a real possibility.’
Perspective | Say it again, Capitals: Round 2, Game 7, Loss
Perspective | For Capitals and their fans, a familiar sound and fury . . . amounting to nothing
After death of his wife, ESPN’s Chris Berman and family respond to ‘outpouring of love and sympathy’
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HHS secretary says police ‘did what they felt was appropriate’ in arresting a West Virginia journalist
Dan Heyman “was causing a disturbance by yelling questions” at HHS Secretary Tom Price and Kellyanne Conway, according to a criminal complaint.
By Samantha Schmidt  •  Read more »
A radio PSA in Tucson taught listeners how to hide child porn. Then the sheriff heard it.
Breitbart compares Trump with Nixon too, but in its own way
An atomic town revels in its plutonium past as tunnel collapse raises contamination concerns
Alaska House rebukes lawmaker who said women get abortions for ‘free trip to the city’
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This hostel in Berlin is a clandestine cash cow for North Korea
The strange Oval Office meeting between Trump, Lavrov and Kislyak
President Trump fires FBI Director Comey
Analysis | Just how unusual is Macron’s 24-year age gap with his wife anyway?
Analysis | How the world reacted to Trump’s firing of Comey
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What a new report reveals about white economic hardship and Trump’s big win
Senate unexpectedly rejects bid to repeal a key Obama-era environmental regulation
U.S. blocks major pipeline after 18 leaks and a 2 million gallon spill of drilling mud
Perspective | Why Le Pen stumbled where Trump soared
Analysis | America’s two biggest cable companies just struck a deal. Here’s how it will affect you.
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Analysis | America’s two biggest cable companies just struck a deal. Here’s how it will affect you.
The FCC says its site got attacked over net neutrality. Now these senators want answers.
‘Silk Road’ plan stirs unease over China’s strategic goals
Snap shares plummet as investors worry it’s not growing fast enough
Snapchat’s growth stalls in Facebook’s shadow in 1Q report