To my grandma Claudia

She would boil yams, eggs, cooked rice and chicken adobo and carry these cooked food to hide to their hiding place during World War II. With her are her 7 children. She died at 94 yrs old of old age and malnutrition. I always remember her massage and healing ways. Bless my grandma Claudia. I remember you always and told your stories to my children and your other grandchildren.

To my mother, Esperanza

She worked hard to help all her children and ensured that they finish college. She helped me take care of my children after my divorce. I could not have done it, being a single mom, without her. I now take her with me during Saturdays and Sundays as she just retired from her caregiving job. Happy mother’s day mom.

To all mothers

You have endured pregnancy and labor. And with unconditional love, supported your children in many ways. Happy mother’s day!