Eat dark colored veggies and fruits to strengthen cell wall

Goji berries

If you eat lots of these 3 foods daily you will feel fantastic— I guarantee it!

As we get older looking and feeling great become very important— We want to feel vital every single day. So if I only had 3 foods to choose from here is what I would recommend.

Organic Goji Berries – Goji Berries have given long life to men like Li Qing Yuen in China who was born in 1678 and died in 1930 thus lived to be 252 years old. His daily consumption of Goji berries increased his lifespan and vitality. And scientists have looked at all the evidence for Li Qing Yuen’s long life and verified all the claims. Complex long chain sugars of the Goji berry coat the cell wall (the cell wall handles nutrients that go into the cell and waste products are removed from the cell and how the living tissue reacts to the world.) thus healthier cell is created able to deal with stress, diseases, and even toxins. In clinical studies Goji Berries have been found to contain Beta-Sitosterol which is a great anti-inflammatory agent. Goji lowers LDL cholesterol and helps with prostate enlargement and impotence.

Goji stimulates secretion of human growth hormone for a long life. Studied show that the polysaccharides sugars in Goji prevent cellular death. Plus red blood cells age slower with less damage from free radicals. Goji promotes amazing muscle growth. And studies show Goji helps with weight loss and creates lean muscles mass. Goji promotes glycogen storage, increases lactate dehydrogenase… and detoxes away urea nitrogen and other toxins.

Goji promotes the production of androgen hormones in the body… which increases male energy, healing impotence and improving libido. Eat 30 to 40 dried organic goji berries daily and feel great!

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