Jeff Sessions and Trump Russia Collusion

Connie b, Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are reportedlyinterviewing candidates to serve as FBI director.

This is a direct conflict of interest. Both Trump and Sessions are potential targets of the investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump administration. What’s more, Sessions is once again violating his pledge to completely recuse himself from the ongoing investigation of Russian interference after being caught lying under oath about his contacts with Russia.

The only way to assure the American people that the Trump administration isn’t part of a massive, treasonous cover up is to immediately appoint an independent special prosecutor.

Call Senator Kamala D. Harris at (202) 224-3553 and Senator Dianne Feinstein at (202) 224-3841. Tell them to demand a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

Hi, my name is Connie b from 95124 in SAN JOSE. The chaos surrounding Trump’s suspicious dismissal of FBI Director James Comey highlights the need for a transparent, independent investigation into the Trump campaign and administration’s connections to Russia. Thank you for your time.

Busy signal? Sign and send a letter to your U.S. senators: We need an independent, impartial special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign, and bring charges if necessary.

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Monique Teal, Daily Kos

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