Trump’s upcoming meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Today, we look at who is really to blame for the WannaCry ransomware attack, President Donald Trump’s upcoming meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and France’s new prime minister, appointed by President Emmanuel Macron.

LAUGHING UP THEIR SLEEVES: The more lawless Washington appears, the more Russians are howling with laughter, FP’s Amie Ferris-Rotman writes: Read more
NATO KIDS’ TABLE: NATO is scrambling to tailor its upcoming meeting to avoid taxing Trump’s notoriously short attention span, FP’s Robbie Gramer reports: Read more
WANNACRY BLAME GAME: The NSA’s role in the creation of WannaCry has been misunderstood: The intelligence agency did not actually create the ransomware but played an inadvertent role in midwifing the bug, FP’s Elias Groll reports: Read more
HARD TRUTHS: Shadow Government’s Amanda Sloat writes a letter of advice to Trump ahead of his meeting with Erdogan: Read more
EN MARCHE!: Emmanuel Macron, France’s freshly inaugurated president, announced his prime minister: center-right Edouard Philippe, FP’s Emily Tamkin writes: Read more
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REDUCING TENSIONS BETWEEN RUSSIA AND NATO: The latest CFR report by Professor Kimberly Marten details how U.S. policymakers can work with NATO allies to both deter Russian aggression and reassure Russia that NATO’s intentions are defensive. Read the report now.

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